Fame has not gotten to Cameron and he is still the same boy who was in his first ever vine. Cameron has one of the biggest hearts and you can tell how much he loves and appreciates each and every one of his fans. He is such an amazing person and he is worth so much more then just being “The vine famous Cameron Dallas”

that’s what i love about him, tbh i think he hasn’t changed one bit since when i first found out about him aw

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why are yall feeling bad for cam nash hayes and carter when the one we should feel bad for here is aaron, hes the one who cant pick sides and cant say shit about anything. Bart is his long-time family friend and those guys are his brothers so hes stuck in the middle being forced to choose sides and thats prob why he was so stressed out yesterday and turned off his phone for most of the day. So fuck team bart and team 26mgmt im team aaron all the way

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